Treasured by God ministry, was a huge blessing. My family hit some rough things in our life and have to start fresh. They gave us the tools needed to get in a better way and lifted our hearts and spirits. I hope someday they are blessed the same way they have blessed us and many others. Thank you so much!! May God bless you and your family.”
- Kayla
Newton, IA
Treasured by God Ministries helped my sister get stuff she needed for her apartment. Great people. My sister’s thanks them. Says they are a blessing. She was in need of help. Thank you so much for helping her. It means a lot to us…”
- Crystal
Newton, IA
I was truly grateful to have these people come into my life at the moment they did. I am a domestic violence survivor and needed help getting household items for my very first apartment on my own. They basically furnished my whole apartment. They don’t judge on your background and even prayed with me and my friends after dropping off the items. They do this straight from the heart and don’t ask for anything in return until you are back on your feet. There should definitely be more people like this in the world!
- Sarah
Newton, Iowa
I just moved into my empty appartment with our clothes and a few other belongings. I was startinf from scratch due to covid and other life hurdles. I decided to post in local groups when i found a post by Treasured By God Ministries wanting to help a single mom with furniture. It definitely wasnt coincidence. They helped me furnish my house and went above amd beyond to make sure we had what we needed to be able to live and be comfortable in our new place. I am truly greatful for the help for my family because i have no clue how i would have even begun to get everything that we needed. Thank you again and God bless!
- Angela
Newton, IA
Just moved here from NY so I had to leave a lot of behind. I feel they went above and beyond they brought a ton of stuff that helped immensely. They came a couple hours after asking what I needed, and even brought supper. They are amazing people and I am 100% grateful for them.
- Desiree Roberts
Montezuma, Ia
These people are such a blessing. They helped me without judgement and with open arms. They have restored my faith in humanity. God Bless them and those in need.
- Patricia
Grinnell, IA
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