Hello everyone! I have some very difficult news to share with you. I have decided to suspend furniture deliveries until the end of April. On May 1st, I will announce whether or not I am going to start offering furniture deliveries again. There is a possibility that furniture deliveries will be suspended until August or September. I have spent several weeks debating in my mind whether or not I should publicly announce this. I was hesitant to announce this because I am concerned about the negative feedback that I am going to receive.

As most of you know, my ministry now owns the old Gilman Community Church building. We moved into our new building on January 1st. Now that the ministry has its own building, I am currently in the process of revamping the ministry. TBG Ministries doesn’t have enough financial resources to pay for the upkeep on our new building and pay for all the gas needed for furniture deliveries.

TBG Ministries currently only receives 75.00 a month in monthly support. My wife and I are trying really hard to find churches that are willing to give monthly financial support. The sad truth is though that most churches are not willing to support my ministry. They would rather send their money overseas instead of helping their local community and surrounding towns.

My wife and I have spent thousands of our own personal money on the ministry. We simply cannot afford to continue doing that. Therefore, we have to limit the amount of furniture deliveries in order to keep our expenses down.

How can you help? You can help by showing us your financial support. You can also help by donating nonperishable food to our food pantry. It would also be a huge blessing if you would tell your friends about our new event center. All the proceeds from the event center are going to go directly to the ministry.

We are going to continue to accept furniture and household donations. Now that the ministry has its own building, people needing assistance now have the option of coming to our building and picking up the items that they need.

Please send us a message if you have any questions or concerns.

God Bless,

Andrew Beemer

President of Treasured by God Ministries and Treasured By God Community Event Center